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Unlock inspiration

  • Great working environments unlock your people's inspiration.

The evidence is clear: great workplaces make for thriving businesses. Everyone worries about the bottom line but a smart investment in the workplace is worth more to your balance sheet than the potential savings on the quality of the space your people work in.*

Our clients share this cultural philosophy: the leadership of any successful organisation drives the agenda around continual improvement to the workplace environment. From the simplest things, such as ensuring that every printer has paper, to the most important, such as providing an exceptional visitor experience, they all contribute positively to the bottom line. 

Improvement starts with a simple decision: to understand what is possible within the context of what you have. At Macro we uncover your workplace potential and unlock its value by:

  1. Understanding: we design our services around your business and people
  2. Translating: we listen to your needs and develop and take responsibility for fully workable service delivery
  3. Optimising: our technical managers will ensure the best performance of your building services and property assets
  4. Challenging: our approach is to continually question service delivery, driving service performance and cost improvement for your business

* As Leesman studies show: a 5% reduction in individual workstation spend is materially less valuable to the P/L than a 1% increase in overall staff productivity. (Leesman 2012)