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Take control of costs

  • Macro can help you take control of costs

Companies flourish when people, ideas and opportunities work together in harmony. But for every organisation, building a supportive, creative and thriving workplace is the other pivotal part of that success. Without it, communication suffers, direction is lost, and great ideas founder. 

Study after study has proven the beneficial results of a considered and imaginative approach to the workplace; in the highest performing companies over 80% of employees report that their workplace makes a positive contribution to their overall productivity. In short, their effectiveness is your success.

Macro works with clients to deliver effective workplaces whilst ensuring costs are controlled, through a combination of innovation, experience and understanding of what makes your business tick.

Our solution

It’s the attention to detail that really counts. Addressing cost, driving out inefficiency and controlling spend are all critical elements to achieving a more financially efficient result, but how is this done without impacting the service or putting undue pressure on the delivery teams? 

At Macro we do this by:

  1. Challenging: We support our clients and help them examine their real service and workspace needs to create and set new standards.
  2. Taking on overheads: we can analyse and control all work activity and assess ways to remove inefficiencies in your operation.
  3. Getting strategic: We make sure money spent is on long-term value not patching holes, helping your business take a longer view.
  4. Finding the opportunities: We work with you to identify those latent improvements and budget-savers that enhance working life on the front line without upsetting the status quo. Trust us, they’re there.
  5. Retain a flexible approach: Change keeps happening, sure, but we make sure the employee experience never dips out of view.