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New ideas, improved bottom line

  • Translating great new ideas into better performing businesses.

Our clients are diverse. From professional services companies, infrastructure providers, manufacturers or public bodies, they’re leaders in their many respective fields. But the most successful embrace the logic that maintaining a focus on the business in hand requires a workplace that stays fit for purpose. Facilities are not core to what they do but they do underpin their success. Whether their mind-set is one of cost control or operational efficiency, our clients have reached the decision that outsourcing the responsibilities (whole or in part) for the management of their estate offers great financial and operational gains.  

Macro understand that achieving significant financial and operational gains will be crucial. We know that with the handover of control, comes the responsibility to deliver constant service excellence that enhances your brand. We know that globally, different markets have different needs based on local cultures, space availability or operational expectations.  

Your workspace environment is our specialisation. Let us show you how we can help you succeed. 

The relationship between the client and their facilities management partner is critical. Arguably the better we do, the more we become part of your culture. At Macro, it’s not enough for us to simply deliver excellence and value. We help our clients to evolve, adapt and enhance their workspace continually by:

  1. Creating supportive facilities management. A team which not only enhances services to our customers but provides an environment and culture in which our people can grow and develop their careers. 

  2. Removing client problems. We allow clients to focus on adding more value to their organisation, secure in the knowledge that their facilities services are being well delivered. 

  3. Embedding new skills. We bring capabilities our clients are unable to hold within their own organisation, whether this be skills in procurement, technical management, project management, moves and relocation or energy/sustainability.

  4. Setting new standards. Implementing systems, processes and service standards to create consistency, efficiency and transparency across the whole service activity.