Making change work for you | Macro

Making change work for you

  • Adaptation means running a better business.

Adaptation is key to business survival. Services have to change to fit the market, internal organisation takes place, market fashions change and continuing to deliver “the best” means a constant challenge to stay ahead of the competition. 

At Macro, our clients often speak of the need to create flexibility in their property infrastructure to fit these changing needs. This change takes many forms:

•  Flexible workspace that can change with minimal disruption
•  Adaptation to changing work patterns, home-working, hot-desking etc.
•  Company fortunes change and workspaces need to change scale quickly, in either direction

In each scenario, our clients trust Macro to ensure their portfolio will fit their needs whilst keeping control of costs and maintaining service levels throughout the change and beyond.

Our solution

Demanding changes have huge cultural and operational implications. At Macro, our experience means we can:

  1. Provide the skills and capabilities to support clients through transition periods when they might lack the skills in-house
  2. Manage and mitigate the extensive risks associated with change and project delivery
  3. Look ahead, helping to define your future service needs while keeping you in budget
  4. Create change programmes that take account of the real needs of business stakeholders, the facilities management team and your supply chain
  5. Manage complex business moves and relocations