Embrace innovation | Macro

Embrace innovation

  • Freeing you up to embrace new directions.

The needs of every client are complex and unique. True, the building blocks of any market leading FM service offering will address the basics of your requirements. But what differentiates one FM provider from any other is their culture, their values and their operational flexibility as maintain alignment to your needs. Macro stands out in its capacity to go beyond and innovate around the service enhancements that your staff and clients require and their personal pride in excelling at what they do.

Facilities management has evolved. To think of it simply as management of business critical assets, is to limit the potential a strategic FM partner can deliver. Thinking globally and acting locally, adapting to cultural norms and constructively challenging established thinking, all of these capabilities ensure that Marco is increasingly the strategic partner of choice because:

  1. We are able to adapt our service delivery approach to meet the local needs and priorities of your business
  2. We can provide a single point of ownership of facilities management services across both a wide breadth of service requirement and geographic area
  3. We can create or adopt supply chain strategies which reduce business risks for our clients and enhance service experience
  4. Focus on creating an active dialogue with our clients to ensure their current needs and challenges are at the top of our agenda