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Design a workplace, not a box

  • Helping you to turn a new building into a truly successful workplace.

When facing a new building project one challenge remains the same: to take the building off the page and into a successful working environment.

Whatever sector you work in, the risk of failing to identify the operational limitations of the proposed design will be the same. The implications of any preconstruction decision to the on-going operational costs, may be, at best, a costly correction and, at worst, saddle you with a legacy that struggles to deliver against expectation.

By working with Macro, a part of Mace, you’ll gain the benefit of our deep experience and proven legacy of delivering some of the world’s most complex and challenging construction projects. We share knowledge and best practice from preconstruction, through cost management, programme and project management right through to facilities management. From The Shard, to the Emirates Air Line, to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, our consulting teams are able to guide our clients through the preconstruction risks that face every major capital project and ensure you’re on the right track. 

Ensuring your construction design will work across the projected lifecycle takes a depth and breadth of experience that few companies can really offer. At Macro, our consulting team brings you confidence by:

  1. Challenging the design to ensure operational requirements are built into the fabric and assets thereby significantly reducing operational costs and business risks
  2. Creating budget forecasts for both revenue and capital budgets
  3. Identifying operational strategies which allow clients to envisage their future service needs and how these can be delivered
  4. Managing project information including the provision of operations and maintenance manuals
  5. Providing the team and resources to take the project from construction, through handover and into operation