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Chris Bampton

  • Chris Bampton, Finance Director

Chris Bampton is Finance Director at Macro. He started working as Finance Manager for Macro in December 2002 and was promoted to Director in February 2007. Chris is currently responsible for Macro’s financial, commercial and corporate services functions.

Chris' remit has been to support the company in setting up all the financial/commercial controls, IT and financial reporting systems, along with processes and procedures required by the company to deliver on its quality commitments. These systems, processes and procedures still form an integral part of Macro’s quality management systems and IT solutions delivered to clients today.  

During his time with Macro, Chris' role and responsibilities have varied, from growing a finance and corporate services team that supports the growth of the business, to setting up overseas entities - wholly owned subsidiaries and branch offices - delivering on and servicing multi-country/multi-region FM contracts.